BioWare’s Anthem Gets New Details on Javelin Customization, Progression and More

BioWare’s Anthem Gets New Details on Javelin Customization, Progression and More

BioWare's developers are continuing the barrage of Anthem details provided in response to questions from the game's fans.

Following the new reveal of BioWare’s upcoming action RPG Anthem at EA Play in June, fans are still asking the development team many questions, and Executive Producer Mark Darrah and Game Director Jonathan Warner are doing their best to answer as many as possible on Twitter.

We learn that players will be able to explore Fort Tarsis, and that players of greatly different levels can still share the same open world instance (even if for example one is level 1 and the other is level 30). Asked whether new players can join veterans in the elder game (Anthem’s endgame after the main story), Warner mentioned that it depends on which elder game content is being played, with more info on this coming at a later time. Another element that will be detailed later is the difficulty system.

When you defeat enemies, they remain on the ground for a while, but then they disappear. Friendly fire does not apply any damage.

Darrah also talked about the Storm javelin. While it doesn’t have a jetpack, it can still overheat its power core. That being said, Darrah believes that it can hover indefinitely. When you overheat your jets in any javelin suit, you can fall and crash.

He also mentioned that he believes that Javelin personalization includes a full color wheel, and while players can customize their characters, the team spent most of its efforts on javelin customization.

Speaking of characters, you will need to return to the base or the strider in order to unlock new perks.

Last, but not least, if you had any doubts, the game will not include a battle royale mode.

If you want to learn more about Anthem, you can watch the latest cinematic trailer, some awesome gameplaythe reveal trailer from last year, and the first gameplay from 2017. You shouldn’t forget to read our preview from EA Play.

The game will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22nd, 2019. You can already pre-order it on Amazon.

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