Anthem is Compatible with Logitech Lightsync Keyboards

Anthem is Compatible with Logitech Lightsync Keyboards

Anthem has received some harsh criticisms after launch, but I have some good news for PC players with a Logitech Lightsync keyboard.

Anthem has been in the news a lot recently. Some news has been good, however, a majority of the news has been filled with harsh criticisms of the game. Even though the internet has seemingly set this game on fire, I am here to give some PC players a bit of good news if they didn’t know this already.

The user u/rndll over on the Anthem Subreddit pointed out that Anthem is compatible with Logitech Lightsync. If you are unaware of what this is, Logitech Lightsync essentially lights up your keyboard with certain actions that are taking place on screen. You can even see when the game boots up, the keyboard illuminates some keys that spell out “Bioware”, the developer of the game. You can take a look for yourself in the video below.

Anthem works with Logitech Lightsync from r/AnthemTheGame

I have to be honest, a couple of months ago I would have never expected the harsh reviews this game is receiving. Everything about the game oozed polish, at least at a glance, and it really looked like the first game that actually made the player feel as if they were Iron Man. Hopefully, Bioware is able to turn this ship around and fix some of the problems many players are criticizing the game for. However, as noted in our review, some of the issues are so deeply rooted in the nature of the game that they might not be fixable.

Anthem is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you would like to purchase the game, you can do so right here through Amazon. If you are a bit wary about picking it up (I wouldn’t blame you) then make sure to check out DualShockers review of the game through the link above.

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