Anthem — Watch Us Play Through One of the Late Game Strongholds

We blasted our way through Temple of the Scar, one of Anthem's later game Strongholds in a recent play session and now you can watch that footage for yourself.

February 1, 2019

The late game content in Anthem is where I really started to see how things could open up so much more.

If you read my preview of Anthem last week, you may have seen that one of my biggest takeaways dealt with just how slow it felt like leveling up was. This wasn’t an issue, necessarily, but I wanted to know more about how things would feel once you had a fully-powered up Javelin maxed out with high-level guns and abilities.

Well, luckily, BioWare ended up letting me play a portion of Anthem exactly like this at the preview event and it finally showed me just how good it feels to play with such powered-up character. I was also able to capture some of this endgame content as well to share with all of you.


As for what you’re seeing in this footage, I’m playing through the Temple of the Scar. This is one of the Strongholds within Anthem that appears later on in the game. If you’re unaware of what a Stronghold is, it’s pretty comparable to a Strike from Destiny. I ended up fighting through various portions of this level, mowed down some enemies, completed some menial tasks, and then fought a boss at the end alongside the rest of my team. I can see Strongholds getting a bit repetitive, but this is also one of the most enjoyable sequences of the game I was able to play at the preview session I attended.

Additionally, I also chose to play as the Interceptor class Javelin, which I said last week was probably my favorite of the four available. As you’ll see in the video, this is the fastest Javelin available and it is oh so powerful. You’ll see me take down a few high-level baddies rather quickly compared to some of my teammates in this footage. The Interceptor can deal out a ton of damage, but it’s also much more prone to damage from others. This is best seen by the fact that I died at the boss at the end of this Stronghold.

You can check out the gameplay footage in question attached below. Anthem is slated to release later this month on February 22 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A free demo for the game is also available to try out this weekend for the general public.

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