Anthem Legion of Dawn Trailer Shows Special Gear and VIP Beta Access

Anthem Legion of Dawn Trailer Shows Special Gear and VIP Beta Access

New Trailer for Anthem showcases the Legion of Dawn Edition of the game, featuring new armor, special weapon, and VIP Beta access

Bioware releases a new trailer for their upcoming shooter, Anthem. Though we just recently saw an appearance from Anthem back at The Game Awards, this trailer focuses on the special Legion of Dawn edition. The trailer dives a little bit into the lore of The Legion of Dawn, the “heroes” of this trailer. We hear about how The Legion of Dawn rose up over the darkness that enslaved them long ago.

The highlight of the trailer, however, is the impressive render for the armor. We see Legion of Dawn themed armor for each playable class in Anthem. Apparently, the armor resembles that of the original Legion of Dawn. We then see some impressive gameplay clips of combat and special abilities at play against monsters.

The Legion of Dawn Edition of Anthem also comes with a weapon that features art to fit the pack them called Light of the Legion. The special edition also includes VIP access to the beta when that launches sometime later on.

With the closed Alpha launching last week, it’ll be interesting how things over at Bioware are turning out in anticipation to release for the game. And with this trailer hinting more at lore, it makes me wonder how much of that has been developed throughout to keep people engaged in this beautiful world created.

Anthem is slated for release on February 22, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can check out the trailer below: