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Anthem Live Action CGI Trailer Teased by Director Neill Blomkamp

It looks like Anthem is getting some form of cinematic treatment as Neill Blomkamp teases something Anthem related.

February 11, 2019

Earlier today, Neill Blomkamp Tweeted out an Anthem themed Tweet which featured a still shot of a Javelin and suggested that he’ll be sharing soon. However, the suspense has left a fair amount of people wondering what exactly is being revealed.

Neill Blomkamp, a film-director famed for his District 9 (2009) movie that blended realistic CGI to live-action footage. He’s also known for Elysium (2013) another sci-fi film directed by him. As it happens, Bioware’s upcoming Anthem game is a sci-fi title with flying suits and bundles of action as we’ve seen in our time with the demo.


Blomkamp says, “Been working on something new. Really excited to share this soon!” and leave us to gawp at the image.

It certainly seems to show off Blomkamp’s photorealistic CGI and people in the comments are speculating that perhaps we’ll be seeing a short film or new Javelins with a Chappie skin.

Additionally, Blomkamp’s Oats Studios Tweeted a similar Tweet.

Oats Studios was created to distribute experimental short films on not only YouTube but also Steam. Their most recent video is a live-action short called God: City, however, another upload called ADAM: Episode 3is a short film created in Unity. Should this Tweet be hinting at a cinematic trailer of sorts, it’ll be interesting to see which road they took, live-action or CGI.

We’ve recently seen a CGI short-film for Metro Exodusand well, with the launch of Anthem taking place this month, it makes sense that we’ll see something to generate the hype leading up to the release. We’ve already seen a launch trailer for Anthem.

What are your thoughts on what this could be?

Anthem is to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon if you wish.

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