The Next Anthem Livestream Will Occur Later This Week

The Next Anthem Livestream Will Occur Later This Week

The lead producer of Anthem Ben Irving tweeted out that there will be a live stream later this week to show off some customization options.

Announced via Twitter, Ben Irving, the Lead Producer on Bioware’s upcoming multiplayer title Anthem, stated that the next live stream of the game will occur this coming Thursday, November 15 at 3pm central time.

As it states above in the lead producer’s tweet, the live stream will go over the Forge, specifically to show the different types of customization options you have to change the appearance of your Javelin.

For more coverage of Anthem, you can check out the latest video right here. Everything we have seen on the game makes it look absolutely incredible when talking about the game’s visuals. However, at first, I did think the same thing about Mass Effect Andromeda, and we all know how those animations turned out.

It just entered its alpha phase of development a couple months ago in September and is shaping up to hit its release date after an initial delay earlier this year.

Anthem is set to release next year on February 22, 2019, and will arrive on PS4,  Xbox One and PC.