Anthem Developers Detail Loot Changes Coming With Update

Anthem's long-term update plans include some important changes for loot. Studio Head Christian Dailey detailed some of them today.

The early days of Anthem were, to say the least, not great. The game failed to live up to fans’ expectations and continued developer Bioware’s string poorly received games. However, with Anthem designed as a games-as-a-service, the team remains committed to turning this mech around. Today, Studio Director Christian Dailey shared some new details about how the game will handle loot in its upcoming update. Of course, all of this is still actively being worked on, so remember that everything below can change.

As the Anthem team strives to make a game with a satisfying loot experience, they’re looking to embrace a few core ideas. The first is to respect the players’ time. This is certainly something I can get behind. Too many things are calling for our attention these days.

Unless you’re committed to just playing one game forever, the idea of grinding for items like you would in old-school World of Warcraft seems crazy. To that end, Anthem‘s update will increase drop frequency and improve all of the equipment, ensuring more things are viable. It should also lead to a more exciting loot experience.

The team is also putting more choice in your hands. With the update, you’ll be able to pursue different items without just praying to the RNG gods. And, if you get something you only kind of like, you’ll be able to modify loot in various ways.

Dailey also spoke about streamlining the equipment procedure, how the team can scale your power level, and a few other factors. It’s hard to say without actually seeing the systems interacting live, but it certainly sounds like an improvement. If nothing else, you have to hope they remove a significant chunk of the game’s original grind.

Anthem is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The big update doesn’t have a release date just yet. So, stay tuned for further updates.

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