Mass Effect's N7 Armor is in Anthem and it Looks Awesome

The N7 Armor from Mass Effect will be featured in BioWare's Anthem and on the Storm Javelin specifically, it looks excellent.

January 11, 2019

We’ve known for some time now that N7 Armor, the attire made famous from the Mass Effect series, would be present in BioWare’s upcoming shooter Anthem. Still, it isn’t any less cool whenever we do see the armor donned upon one of the game’s Javelin exosuits.

One of our most recent looks at Anthem’s version of N7 Armor came over on Twitter when one of BioWare’s Art Quality Analysts showed off what their Javelin currently looks like in-game. Playing as the Storm Javelin, essentially Anthem’s version of a mage or wizard, their character appeared in the classic red, white, and black colors that we have seen associated with this armor in the past.


By far the coolest part of the look though was the giant red and white stripe running down the Javelin’s cape to go along with the N7 logo on the side of the hood. I wasn’t considering using the Storm model Javelin at first because I’m usually not a mage player, but I definitely think it has the coolest aesthetic of any of the four exosuit models in the game. That alone might be enough to push me over the edge and convince me to be a Storm player.

What’s also kind of ironic about Anthem is that even though the game will offer a litany of different cosmetic options to customize your own character’s look, I know that I’ll likely be rocking this N7-style gear no matter what. With how disappointing Mass Effect Andromeda was, I just want any reason to feel good about the Mass Effect universe again. For one reason or another, this armor always makes me happy and nostalgic for that series.

You can check out the N7 armor in question in the attached tweet below. Anthem is scheduled to arrive next month on February 22 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A demo of the game will drop later this month for some and everyone else in early February.

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