Conviction: An Anthem Story Teased, Short Film Launches This Thursday

You can watch the teaser for Neill Blomkamp's upcoming Anthem short film right here.

February 12, 2019

Yesterday I covered the news regarding Neill Blomkamp teasing what looked like an upcoming CGI trailer, or a live-action trailer. Well, it turns out that there’s an unlisted teaser available on the Anthem YouTube channel. You can watch it below.

The teaser for Conviction: An Anthem Story is only 18 seconds long and the opening shot shows off a dramatic mountainside with Javelin’s flying through before cutting to a shot of a Javelin standing in the rain. The next shot shows us a Javelin looking to the camera, putting their hand in a fast-moving stream of water that appears to be going vertically upwards.


At the start, we see an “An Anthem story from Neill Blomkamp” screen appear, and at the end, we see the launch date for the full video. This is further confirmed by looking to the description which informs us that this is a live-action short from Neill Blomkamp which is set in the world of Bioware’s upcoming Anthem.

Not much else is revealed as of yet, but we do know that Neill Blomkamp’s movies in the past have usually been set to the sci-fi genre.  District 9 (2009) being one most will know the director for. He has also worked with Peter Jackson to direct Halo Landfall (2007) which uses his auteur style of using lo-fi production film and blends photorealistic CGI with said footage.

From the teaser shots shown in the trailer, it certainly looks like we’re going to be seeing a more cinematic style of filming. The video will land on Oats Studios’ YouTube channel and is currently available as a premiere, allowing users to set a reminder for when it launches on February 14 at 7:30 AM PST.

The Anthem short film has been created by Neill Blomkamp’s studio Oats Studios, and the Conviction: an Anthem Story website tells us that we will be seeing a new narrative set decades before the start of the actual game. The short film will show off stunning locations, new characters, and a new story for fans to sink their teeth into.

We were able to jump on and try the demo which took place at the start of this month and the demo exceeded both EA and Bioware’s expectations.

Anthem is due to launch on February 22 for everyone, but those on Origin Access and EA Access can jump in on February 15, a day after the short film launches. The game will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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