Anthem's Launch Trailer is Here and It Features a Cool Version of 'Crazy Train'

BioWare and EA have unleashed the launch trailer for Anthem, which is due out at the end of this month.

February 8, 2019

Anthem is out exactly two weeks from today and I guess EA and BioWare saw today to be as good of a time as any to reveal the game’s launch trailer.

The video is only about one minute long and it showcases different Freelancers from Anthem’s world selecting their own Javelin suits to take into combat. The trailer shows off all four variants of the Javelins including the Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor, with each suit receiving corresponding gameplay footage to show how they each operate. It’s a cool but simple way to show off the main feature of Anthem, which would likely be that of the Javelins.


Probably the best part of the trailer is that of the music, though. Throughout the video, you can hear snippets of Ozzy Osbourne’s classic Crazy Train. Some of these sections of music are also orchestral, which sounds really cool. The launch trailer concludes with Ozzy’s iconic “All aboard!” yell from the song’s beginning as we see all four of the Javelin suits preparing to take off. The music fits really well here and was a good choice if I do say so myself.

Even though Anthem isn’t out for two more weeks, the game has recently had two separate demo periods where it seemed like a lot of folks were able to see how they like the game for themselves. Additionally, next Friday on February 15, those with EA Origin Access Premiere on PC will be able to have the full game unlocked for play. If you’re on Xbox One and subscribe to EA Access, you’ll also be able to download the full game for play but will be confined to only 10 hours. It’s a confusing launch to be sure, but most AAA titles seem to be like this, nowadays.

You can check out today’s launch trailer below if you feel so inclined. Anthem is due out on February 22 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And if you’re interested in pre-order the game ahead of launch, the physical version of the game finally has become available on Amazon for purchase. You can pick that up by clicking right here if you’d like.

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