Anthem Patch Fixes Masterworks Crafting and Weapon Inscription Problems

Anthem Patch Fixes Masterworks Crafting and Weapon Inscription Problems

Anthem is receiving a new patch that will amend how Masterworks and weapon inscriptions function to make grinding less tedious.

The first two weeks since Anthem became fully accessible by certain players have been quite rocky for EA and BioWare. The game was subject to a number of mechanical, structural, and online problems at launch, so the developers have been doing their best to try and fix Anthem since then. The developers are now releasing a hefty 3.05 GB patch which is bringing some notable fixes how Masterworks and Weapon Inscriptions function.

Interestingly, the developers decided to lead the Reddit post with a list of things that they’ve heard the community complaining about and are taking the to fixing, through a series of bullets, BioWare states that “many inscriptions are not useful to the item they are attached to. Due to this, players need to get many masterworks of the same item to find a ‘good one’. Players want the frequency of masterwork drops to increase to help with the above OR they want us to change how masterwork inscriptions work so that they are more ‘useful’.”

Through today’s patch, the developer made it clear that “inscriptions are now better for the items they are on” so players won’t get weapons with useless buffs anymore. Those level 30 and above will also not get uncommon or common items from loot drops tables anymore, which should make griding for Masterworks much less tedious. The final big new feature from this update that BioWare wanted to highlight is that Masterworks will only require 15 masterwork embers instead of 25; hopefully, this will also contribute to a less frustrating grind.

To get a better idea of everything that is coming in this patch, check out the full list of patch notes below:

  • Inscriptions are now better for the items they are on

    • This applies to new items earned in Anthem (not existing ones in your Vault)

    • If an inscription applies only to the item it is on (gear icon), it will be useful to that item. Otherwise the inscription will provide a Javelin wide benefit

    • For example, an Assault Rifle will not have an item specific +pistol damage inscription. It may have a +electric damage suit wide inscription (cool for a lightning build)

    • Some more information below

  • Removed uncommon (white) and common (green) items from level 30 drop tables

    • This was a highly requested change and we agree, so that’s that.

  • We have reduced the crafting materials needed to craft a masterwork from 25 masterwork embers to 15 masterwork embers

    • As you salvage or harvest, you should be able to craft more masterwork items to get the inscriptions you are looking for

    • Now that inscriptions are more relevant to their item, this should yield better results for players

Additional inscription change details

Its hard to write a short version of this, but I’m going to try. If we need to add more information later we can do that…

  • Current: There are a large pool of inscription options available to roll on items, the inscription pools are generic (e.g. Weapons)

    • Every masterwork item has 4 inscriptions – Major Primary, Minor Primary, Major Secondary, Minor Secondary

  • Change: Each item type now has a specific set of inscription options for each of their inscription pools. The pools are smaller and are targeted to the specific item type

    • E.g. there used to be a Weapon pool, now there is an Assault Rifle pool and the assault rifle pool has 4 pools for each of the inscription types listed above

    • Primary inscriptions are focused on damage or survivability

      • Any item specific inscriptions (gear icon) will always benefit the item they are on

      • Javelin wide inscriptions (suit icon) will benefit damage or survivability across the whole Javelin

    • Secondary inscriptions focus on utility and can be targeted to the item (gear icon) or the entire javelin (suit icon)

If you want to try the game out now that BioWare and EA are starting to fix things, Anthem is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Amazon. If you just want to experience something tangentially related to the game’s world, you can watch Neill Blomkamp’s trailer for the game below.

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