New Game “Antique Carnevale” Announced by Square Enix; Platforms Unknown

New Game “Antique Carnevale” Announced by Square Enix; Platforms Unknown

Square Enix announces "Antique Carnevale," a fully new game for unknown platforms, that appears to mix RPG and strategy board game elements.

Today Square Enix suddenly announced a new game titled “Antique Carnevale” a completely new game that will be unveiled over the next few days.

Alongside the announcement, we get the first trailer, introducing a character named Bernhard. Four new characters will be unveiled with new videos on July 7th, July 10th, July 12th and July 14th. Their silhouettes can be seen in an image in the gallery at the bottom of the post, alongside with the game’s logo.

The story is described as follows:

Have you ever thought about the difference between “things” and “living things?”
Or the difference between a “doll” and a “person.”
If you ask, people will probably answer “they’re not able to move on their own.”
However, after entering the labyrinth…
Is a “doll” really a thing that can’t move on its own?
Is a “person” really someone who moves the doll of his own volition?
Wandering about while seeking an exit, the traveler gets completely lost…
And the one boy who visited the labyrinth…
He will listen. The lingering cry of that “person” who decayed in the labyrinth.
He will know. The wishes of the “doll” trapped in the labyrinth.
To that young man standing between the “person” and the “doll”…
We pray.

Bernhard himself is defined the incarnation of the summoned beast Wyvern. Normally he’s guarding the city as the young chief of Valamion. He has a strong sense of justice, but he often jumps to conclusions too fast, causing people around him to have to calm him down. He has been tasked with the mission of seeking the next generation strongest master.

He’s voiced by Natsuki Hanae, who also lent his voice to YoRHa 9S in NieR: Automata, Alm in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and many more.

Interestingly, if we look at the tags on the official website, we read “board game,” “RPG,” “Chess,” “Othello,” “Reversi” and “Battle.” The board game theme also appears in the trailer, and this appears to suggest that Antique Carnevale is a JRPG with strategy board game elements.

At the moment nothing else is known, and platforms have not been announced. More information about the title has been promised on July 18th.

You can check out the trailer below, and stay tuned on DualShockers at the dates mentioned above to see the rest of the reveals.