AOC Announces New AGON Gaming Monitor Featuring a 120Hz Refresh Rate

AOC Announces New AGON Gaming Monitor Featuring a 120Hz Refresh Rate

The AG352UCG6 by AOC has a pretty hefty price tag but proves to be worth its purchase price with decreased eye fatigue, as well as a refresh rate of 120Hz.

AOC has announced this week a new product into its ever-growing line of AGON gaming monitors, the AG352UCG6.

According to the press release, the AG352UCG6 retains all the features found in the original AG352UCG model, however, what makes this upgraded model standout from its predecessor is its performance. The AG352UCG6 increases the monitors refresh rate from 100Hz to 120Hz to provide faster and smoother visuals on your favorite games.

The AG352UCG6 also includes a curved 35-inch WQHD (3440×1440) panel with flashy colors to increase entertainment during your gaming sessions. While its 1800R curvature conforms to the way the eye naturally sees, which not only provides a more immersive experience but also decreases eye fatigue for those extended gaming sessions.

Other noteworthy features on the AG352UCG6 monitor include NVIDIA’s G-SYNC Technology that synchronizes the display’s refresh rates to the NVIDIA GPU to eliminate screen tearing as well as minimizing display stutter and input lag. To provide more fluent and responsive gameplay with sharper-looking images and scenes appearing more vibrant.

Additionally, the new AGON monitor also contains additional AOC monitor technologies such as AOC’s FlickerFree technology and LowBlue Mode. Since gaming causes a lot of strain on your eyes, AGON series has been designed to accommodate competitive gamers as well as those who enjoy extended gaming time. With that in mind, the AG352UCG6 ups the ante with AOC’s monitor technologies by increasing the Low Blue Light mode, which reduces adverse short wavelength blue light without sacrificing the overall quality of the color.

Currently, the AG352UCG6 is available now, if you are interested in purchasing the product you can buy it on Amazon for $899.99.

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