AOC Could Very Well Be Doing Another Twitch Stream Soon

AOC Could Very Well Be Doing Another Twitch Stream Soon

Could another AOC Among Us stream be on the cards?

Last month, New York state representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez organized a live-stream on Twitch alongside other popular streamers who joined over voice chat as well as streaming on their own channels. The idea was to encourage viewers to get out and vote in the US Presidental Elections, and while that was the goal, they made sure to keep the stream mostly focused on just having a good time in Innersloth’s Among Us.

The stream was hugely popular, seeing the stream hit a peak at around 439,000 viewers with a plethora of memes being born the day. It seems as if we can expect to see another AOC stream in the future as she replied to a tweet last night confirming that she intends to stream again. She just wants a nap first. She also seems to have her sights set to streaming perhaps this week or next.

As for who will be joining her? She’s already requested that fans suggest who she should have on board, so it’s more than likely that we’ll see a different line-up, although I wonder if a few streamers will make a return. There’s also no indication as to what game she could end up playing, although it could very well be another Among Us stream due to the success last time.

AOC has been vocal in gaming for some time now, speaking out against Blizzard’s move to suspend Blitzchung after he spoke up about protests taking place in Hong Kong. AOC has also recently filed an amendment to halt the US Army from using Twitch as a recruitment platform. And now she appears to be shifting to recurring streams. At the moment the US is underway with the Presidental Elections, and AOC and her ‘Squad’ have all been re-elected for Congress.

Featured image: The New York Times