AOC Says League of Legends Helped Keep Her Mentally Strong for Her Position in Congress

AOC Says League of Legends Helped Keep Her Mentally Strong for Her Position in Congress

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks about how League of Legends helps her remain patient in her government job.

Trying to keep yourself above water in the year 2020 hasn’t been an easy task for many. Due to COVID-19 and the many devastating factors that has brought with it, we’ve found ourselves in situations we wouldn’t have dreamed of this time last year. Thankfully, video games are a safe place for many where players can lose themselves and escape from the world for a while and also, they can teach us key life skills as well. U.S. congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows this too well when dealing with members of congress and thanks to League of Legends, she has been able to keep her cool more in her professional life.

During her latest stream on Twitch where she played Among Us with other well-known streamers, AOC was asked if she thought that “having to keep your cool in League of Legends has helped your political career when it comes to maintaining some decorum in congress?.” Ocasio-Cortez didn’t hesitate to answer the question by fully agreeing that it helped a lot and that “Getting caught in ELO hell really requires so much patience, I was … playing with like, 12-year-olds, that are like rage-quitting five minutes into a game. So, it really builds your patience.”

Before that statement, Ocasio-Cortez talked a little about her enjoyment of League and said that she mostly likes to play defensive characters that include Janna, Lux, Morgana, and Sona but with an aggressive touch that sometimes she gets in trouble for. AOC had discussed her love for League previously on Twitter and that eight months after reaching Silver IV in League of Legends, the congresswoman revealed that she made it to Silver III during the COVID-19 quarantine. Ocasio-Cortez currently sits with a missive 827,870 followers on Twitch and if you fancy catching one of her streams, you can head over to her channel here.

In July, AOC said she was planning to file a measure that prevents the military from using video games and esports as a method of recruitment. A draft amendment has been filed and details that it would prevent the military from using funds appropriated by the bill to “maintain a presence on or any video game, e-sports, or live-streaming platform.” This came after the US Army esports team had been running a fake giveaway to win an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller with all the links leading to a form to basically join the Army.

If you haven’t already and would like to give Among Us a go, it’s available on iOS, PC, and Android.