AI Website Reimagines What Attack on Titan Characters Would Look Like in Real Life

Various creators have used the AI website Artbreeder to create realistic portraits of their favorite Attack on Titan characters.

The popular Hajime Isayama manga released its final chapter yesterday, but part two of the anime’s final season is still to air.

The roster of Survey Corps members, half-titans, and military figures make up the compelling list of protagonists and antagonists, and now we have a taste of what Eren, Levi, Mikasa, and more would look like in reality.

Attack on Titan Final Season | SEASON FINALE TRAILER

Attack on Titan Final Season | SEASON FINALE TRAILER

Eren Jaeger

Credit: erenjaegerishot

Mikasa Ackerman

Credit: letsycakes

Armin Arlert

Credit: puffpunks

Levi Ackerman

Credit: arminalert638

Erwin Smith

Credit: roniyuliyanto

Jean Kirstein

Credit: serpahic.creed

Sasha Blouse

Credit: snoopy

Connie Springer

Credit: maymtt2002

Reiner Braun

Credit: seraphic.creed

Annie Leonheart

Credit: seraphic.creed


Credit: sumerwithin2

Historia Reiss

Credit: yennaerys

What is Artbreeder?

Artbreeder was born out of various experiments with optimization and design rendering, inspired by Facebook Graffiti and the research of Picbreeder.

The process encourages users to select multiple images of a character, with the end goal of creating new characters. This method was originally used as a creativity tool to stir imagination and help create fresh characters for content.

The process also works well with bringing anime or cartoon characters to life, from all corners of pop culture. 

Artists have been turning 2D characters into 3D, realistic forms for a long time, but now fans who are not so artistically inclined can still bring their favorite characters into the real world.

What Attack on Titan characters should be done next?

Mild Spoilers Ahead

One of the main characters missing from the initial lineup is Hange Zoe. A few attempts of this character’s real-life design have been made before, but none to the standard of these Artbreeder creations.

Bertholdt Hoover, Zeke Jaeger, Grisha Jaeger, Petra Ral and the rest of Squad Levi, as well as the military personnel – including Dot Pixis – have yet to be created too.

More side characters could also be rendered, including the Reiss family, Kenny Ackerman and the Anti-Personnel Control Squad, and Levi’s friends from the OVA, Furlan and Isabel.

Most of the main Attack on Titan characters have been covered in the first wave, however, there are also the characters from season 4 to include.

Newcomers Gabi, Colt, Falco, Porco, Pieck as well as a handful of Marley officials could also be created to complete the full roster. 

Other creations that could be interesting are realistic versions of the characters’ titan forms, which could be the stuff of nightmares.

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