APB: Reloaded Updates with 1.8.0 Publishing the Art of New Weapon Skins, Mystery Boxes, and Discounts

on May 25, 2012 4:45 PM

All-Point Bulletin, also known as APB: Reloaded, updates the free-to-play game with 1.8.0. The new patch introduces new weapon skins, a third Joker Mystery Box, and events that can land players with discounts up to 40%.

Fourteen new weapon skins are available in the Armas Marketplace, along with Joker Mystery Box 3 which gives players a chance at the new OCA Nano Connoisseur, among other prizes. The Nano is a brand, spanking-new silenced automatic secondary weapon and the grand prize of the box. To snag some quick boxes, players can participate in clearing the 10 Action District Missions for three days in a row this weekend and be awarded five boxes.

Also, this Memorial Day weekend has a double discount sale going on. Premium members can get an extra 20% off on top of the already 20% discount for the Armas Marketplace.  For more information about the update and events, you can read the official patch notes here.

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