APB to Charge Extra for Action District Access?

on May 29, 2010 10:11 PM

APB to Charge Extra for Action District Access?

It seems that early reports of All Points Bulletin not having any type of monthly-based fee may have been misleading. The title, which has been available for pre-order on Steam for a while now, has a disclaimer notice within its home page in Steam at this time. The message basically gives way to the idea that you might be paying more than just a one-time fee for the upcoming MMO-like Shooter. Read on for the rest of the details.

This title heading to PC only this June is one that seeks to innovate clan-based game-play and online shooters in general in major ways. Giving way to user-generated content and the realization of identifying a player as your own in a third person shooter are some of the ways that Realtime Worlds aims to do this. Suddenly, upon viewing the pre-order screen I came across a new notice. Apparently this game will require something called RTW Points to keep the core game-play of the online action going.

“Note: Your Steam purchase includes 50 hours of Action District gameplay and unlimited Social District gameplay. Also includes 100 RTW Points.”

Pre-Purchase now to receive the following special items:

Key to the City: June 10-19 – Includes 5 Hours of district game-play and unlimited social game-play
3 Days Early Game Access – Includes 10 Hours of district game-play and unlimited social game-play.
7 Exclusive In Game Items – Includes the Chicken and Strike a Pose Emote’s, Criminal and Enforcer Cars, Criminal and CSA Outfit’s along with a Pioneer Decal!

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