APB to Charge Extra for Action District Access?

APB to Charge Extra for Action District Access?


It seems that early reports of All Points Bulletin not having any type of monthly-based fee may have been misleading. The title, which has been available for pre-order on Steam for a while now, has a disclaimer notice within its home page in Steam at this time. The message basically gives way to the idea that you might be paying more than just a one-time fee for the upcoming MMO-like Shooter. Read on for the rest of the details.

This title heading to PC only this June is one that seeks to innovate clan-based game-play and online shooters in general in major ways. Giving way to user-generated content and the realization of identifying a player as your own in a third person shooter are some of the ways that Realtime Worlds aims to do this. Suddenly, upon viewing the pre-order screen I came across a new notice. Apparently this game will require something called RTW Points to keep the core game-play of the online action going.

“Note: Your Steam purchase includes 50 hours of Action District gameplay and unlimited Social District gameplay. Also includes 100 RTW Points.”

Pre-Purchase now to receive the following special items:

Key to the City: June 10-19 – Includes 5 Hours of district game-play and unlimited social game-play
3 Days Early Game Access – Includes 10 Hours of district game-play and unlimited social game-play.
7 Exclusive In Game Items – Includes the Chicken and Strike a Pose Emote’s, Criminal and Enforcer Cars, Criminal and CSA Outfit’s along with a Pioneer Decal!