Ape Escape Coming to PS3?

Ape Escape Coming to PS3?


Could it be? Just imagine the amount of monkeys on the screen. It  would be outlandish, wouldn’t you agree?  I can only hope that the official twitter page for Ape-club.com wouldn’t tease me and not release it. Hit the jump for more about the possible next Ape Escape game.

Out of many choice tweets, here are a select few:

  • Ape Escape PS3′ may be the best game so far for PS3 Move
  • If you loved ‘Piposaru 2001‘ you’ll love Ape Escape PS3
  • When we mean “Not Ape Escape 4“, we mean that it may not be called that. It doesn’t mean its not the 4th entry in the series.

So yeah, pretty much a sure thing. Better start stretching, because I have a feeling that catching monkeys is about to get a whole lot crazier with the PS3 move. Also, if you do that entire “twitter” thing, here’s the link to the ApeClub.