New Ape Escape Twitter Account from Sony Tweets Mysterious Screenshot

Sony Japan created an Ape Escape-themed Twitter account, which featured a screenshot with one of the apes. Possibly hinting at a new game...?

June 23, 2019

Sony Japan, in what would normally be considered a mundane move, opened up a new Twitter account recently. What makes this interesting is that the account is for Ape Escape. Even more intriguing is the fact that the account’s first tweet features a screenshot of a forest with one of the iconic apes hiding behind a tree, along with a mysterious message:

The message roughly reads: “Twenty years since then. I’ve been running around for a long time, but I wonder if there is anyone out there to chase…?” The quote also references Piposaru, which is a reference to a Japanese-only game in the franchise called Piposaru 2001.


It’s worth noting that the anniversary of the first Ape Escape title, which came out on June 24th, 1999 in Japan, is coming up tomorrow. Which of course is what the “twenty years” refers to in the quote. So that may correlate to an official announcement on that date.

Also worth noting is that a little over three years ago, Ape Escape 3 was rated yet again for the PS4 by the ESRB. For many this hinted at some kind of remake or remaster, which unfortunately never materialized. However, the emergence of this new account means that we’ll be sure to get some exciting news soon.

Ape Escape was a series of platformer video games developed primarily by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, starting with Ape Escape for PlayStation in 1999. Just last year Ape Escape 2 found its way on the PlayStation Now service alongside a slew of other PS2 titles. Games Done Quick also did a speedrun of the title back in 2017.

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