Apex 2015 Venue Evacuated Due to Structural Damage, Event May be Cancelled (UPDATED)

on January 30, 2015 11:49 AM

Update: Apex 2015 will be switching venues thanks to Twitch TV, according to a new tweet:

It seems that all is not well at this year’s fighting game tournament Apex 2015, where massive structural damage has halted all tournaments events.

The damage was allegedly discovered after two fire alarms were pulled: the first being an emergency exit door opened and the second being an intentionally pulled fire alarm. When the fire marshal arrived and inspected the venue, many of the rooms had structural damage from the storm that hit the east coast a couple days ago.

Many of the event goers have taken to Twitter and other sites to share information and pictures concerning the damage and subsequent evacuation.

These tweets from Alex Jebailey first revealed the events occuring after the damage was found:

According to Twitter user Toph, the Fire Marshall stated that hotel personnel could be arrested:

And naturally there are plenty of pictures from attendees on Twitter showcasing the damage to roofs and ceilings, as well as the empty ballrooms:

From Sir Tap Tap:

One of the evacuated ballrooms:

Finally, the official Apex Twitter account updated their status on the events unfolding:

Update 2:

Apex 2015’s official Youtube account updated with a new video

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