Apex Legends Accused of Copying Fuse Character Design From Upcoming Indie Shooter, BulletVille

Taking a closer look at the new Legend Fuse reveals similarities to BulletVille.

The excitement for Apex Legends‘ upcoming Season 8 is real. Unfortunately, it seems like character designers over at Respawn Entertainment potentially copied the design for the upcoming new Legend, Fuse. When looking at Fuse and Hunter, from indie studio NOWWA’s upcoming shooter BulletVille, it’s easy to see the similarities.

At first glance, both characters are dressed in a similar biker style, with ammo strapped to their belts that feature large skull-shaped belt buckles. They both have similar hair and facial hairstyles and both wear futuristic eye-patches that cover their left eyes. Their singular robotic arms are on different sides of their bodies, sure, but by the time you’ve noticed that, you can almost certainly see how similar these two characters are.

Initially reported by PocketGamer, NOWWA has had a relationship with EA in the past. EA held playtests for BulletVille back in 2020, so it’s reasonable to assume that they had seen Hunter and his design. Adding to this theory further, PocketGamer reports that an email from NOWWA said that “EA approached them for their EA Originals program in early 2020, with playtests beginning in October once BulletVille had a playable build. NOWWA further stated that conversations about EA publishing BulletVille had ceased until the studio could see a beta build of the game.”

This confirms that EA definitely had seen the character and knew where it had come from. NOWWA added, “Mostly, we are worried that, when our game will come out, we will be called a ripoff of Apex Legends, which is not the case.”

It’s unclear at this time what will come of Apex‘s upcoming Legend Fuse. For more on Apex, you can check out this article on Fuse’s voice actor, Ben Prendergast. For more on the upcoming 8th season of the game, take a look at this article on the new season’s changes.

Peter Hunt Szpytek

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