Apex Legends ALGS - How to Enter to Win $1 Million

March 25, 2021

Think you’ve got what it takes to win $1 million playing Apex? Time to enter the ALGS.

It feels like every year the community surrounding gaming competitions grows bigger and bigger.

This year at the ALGS, someone will win $1 million playing Apex Legends. Who knows, it could be you!

Here’s how to sign up for the ALGS Apex competition.

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What is the ALGS?

The ALGS is the Apex Legends Global Series Championship–an eSports tournament that pits the best Apex players in the world against each other. It was supposed to make its debut back in 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The original prize pool was $500,000 for the winners, but it has since been doubled making the pot even sweeter.


How to Enter the ALGS

Before entering the tournament, there are a handful of requirements you have to meet depending on what region you’re from. You must be at least 16 years old to enter with the exception of countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Russia where you must be at least 17 (Japan) or 18 (South Korea and Russia.)

The tournament is being held for PC players only so competitive console players need not apply.

For the full list of eligibility rules, take a look here on the official website.

You can find applications for the ALGS Apex Championship right here.

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