Apex Legends New Assimilation Update Brings a New Weapon, and Map Changes

The new Assimilation update for Apex Legends landed yesterday, and here's some of the key information from the patch notes.

Yesterday Apex Legends saw the arrival of the next titled update which introduces the new legend, Revenant to the game. As the update landed, so did a bunch of other new items as detailed by the patch notes.

Revenant, a legend filled with hate comes to the battle with sadistic, blunt quips that suit his character incredibly well. There’s nothing better than informing your team you’re heading to a specific location only to have Revenant say, “Follow me and I’ll gut you.” Along with the great voice acting, his passive ability allows him to scale walls higher than other legends as well as having an increased crouched speed. His tactical ability is a throwable device that not only deals damage but also renders the enemy incapable of using their abilities for 10 seconds.

The ultimate ability for Revenant is Death Totem which drops a totem, protecting the user from death. Instead of dying, or falling to their knees, the user is instead respawned to the totem.

The weapons have changed up a bit as well in the new Apex Legends Assimilation update. Players can now find a bolt action Sentinel Sniper Rifle around the map. A fire select mode is available if a shield battery is equipped. The gun uses the shield’s battery and enters an energized state which makes it capable of firing projectiles that can cause damage to enemy shields. However, each shot fired makes the weapons energy decay until its energized state is fully out of power.

The Sentinel sniper also makes use of the new ammo type, sniper ammo. This ammo now replaces the following weapon types: Longbow DMR, Triple Take, and the Charge rifle. There’s also an extended sniper magazine for these weapons. The L-Star weapon, which was originally a supply drop exclusive weapon is now available around the map.

For those who haven’t yet logged in, during the first week of the new update, from February 4 – February 11, players will get an anniversary gift. This gives the players a Year 1 Origami Flyer charm, a Year 1 Loyalty badge, and 10k XP for your first match.

As for the map itself, changes have arrived. A large Planet Harvester now sits in the world giving players vertical combat moments. Capitol City is also now split into two and looks devastating while also providing updrafts that shoot the player upwards but also deals 25 damage to health. There’s also a new survey camp as well as new weapon racks that can be found in the small buildings of the survey camp.

Apex Legends also has a new battle pass which grants players with over 100 items to unlock. The trailer above shows off some of the cosmetics available to unlock. The update also brings changes to how some weapons and legends work, as well as quality of life improvements and changes to ranked matches penalities. You can check out the detailed patch notes here.

Apex Legends is available for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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