Apex Legends Update Introduces New Bug That Allows Combat Before a Match

You can punch people before you've jumped out of the ship...for now.

Respawn Entertainment’s take on Battle Royale with Apex Legends has done rather well in terms of popularity, especially as more updates and content additions have found their way to the game since launching earlier this year. However, a new update for the game appears to have introduced a new bug that allows players to take damage before the match has even begun.

This week saw the launch of a new limited-time Duo’s mode, and alongside it there is a new Firing Range mode which offers a different form of training, letting players get hands-on with each character and all the various weapons. A nice way to get used to the abilities and types of weapons without having to look like an idiot on the battlefield around your team.

The problem with the new update is that it allows players to start taking damage from other players from the moment you’re choosing what Legend to play as. Numerous clips have begun surfacing online showing the bug in action.

The above video shows an example of the bug happening in one Duo’s round. From the character selection screen, you can hear Pathfinder state that they’re taking damage, shortly after a few more punches he announces that he’s down, and that’s when we see Brokie jump out of the jumpship while downed, waiting for their teammate to revive them.

The issue isn’t just in Duo’s mode as the below clip from DKbicboi during a live stream on Twitch shows the bug taking place in a standard match where 3 players are in a team.

Interestingly, the bug also seems to allow friendly fire for the duration of the pre-match as seen in the clip below. Apex Legends doesn’t have friendly fire usually, but it seems that for the duration that the player is choosing a character and within the jumpship, friendly fire is enabled.

I was planning on jumping on Apex Legends later today for some gaming time, and it’ll be interesting to see if I come across this bug. Kotaku tested it out themselves on the PS4 version of the game and said that you basically just spam the attack button until you hear the punching sounds.

In my experience with Apex Legends, I’ve seen a glimpse of the “starting area” which used to glitch into view prior to choosing your characters. So, if you just imagine yourself wandering around a small open area, you’ll probably find yourself punching someone. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend that you do as it’s kind of a dick move.

Respawn Entertainment has acted on the bug and pushed a patch for PC versions of the game. It seems the bug will still be present on consoles although a patch is working its way over. The patch also addresses players being able to leave Ranked matches without incurring a penalty.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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