Apex Legends Players Kill Cheating Teammate in Zipline Bamboozle

Apex Legends Players Kill Cheating Teammate in Zipline Bamboozle

Apex Legends players are taking anti-cheat measures into their own hands, by masterfully taking down a cheating teammate with a zipline and ingenuity.

Apex Legends cheaters are a recurring scourage on the incredibly popular battle royale game, and some players are taking matters into their own hands — even when it involves teammates. In a new viral video, players tackle a verified cheater through an expert bamboozle. While it won’t clear the droves of cheaters, it still manages to warm your heart.

So as a super quick backdrop, Reddit user Roonerth shared footage from a game he was playing. According to him, they had suspected that a randomly-matched teammate was cheating. While keeping an eye on him, the alleged cheater managed to auto-aim kill a whole team of enemies in moments. Not wanting to profit on the bad actions of his teammate, they sprung a plan to wipe them from the match.

Heading to the edge of the map, Roonerth (playing as a Pathfinder) made a deadly zipline that would that would lead directly off a clip, out of the map, to an early demise. Keeping his other teammate in the loop, they kept pinging the zipline until the cheater (following the team’s lead) took it, reacted far too late, and went plummeting off the cliff. The end result is a mix of astonishment, cheers, and jeers. Check out the play-by-play in the video below:

Had a player on my team we suspected of cheating. A few minutes later we watched him aimbot a full squad down in moments. Determined to not let him ruin yet another game, we devised a plan. from r/apexlegends

Why has this video become so popular? Besides the fact that everyone loves a good bamboozle, cheaters have been a huge concern for the Apex Legends community ever since the game launched.

Earlier last month, there was a huge Reddit-backed push to make sure that developer Respawn Entertainment was addressing cheaters and anti-cheat technology as it was affecting the scene at large. Which isn’t to say that they aren’t — notably, an update from the developer claims that they banned over 355,000 players as of March 8, which is quite a claim. Even better, we know this is true — you can see full-on tantrums from players receiving hardware bans due to cheating.

Apex Legends is available as a free-to-play battle royale game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you haven’t read our review yet, we recently reviewed the game, and think it has the ability to change the development landscape as we know it.