Apex Legends Confirms Wattson Buff & L-STAR Nerf In Season 11 Update

Plenty of weapon and legend reworks will arrive in Season 11

October 28, 2021

With Season 11 of Apex Legends right around the corner, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed some highly requested buffs and nerfs for Wattson, the L-STAR, EVA-8, and more.

The C.A.R SMG from Titanfall 2 is sure to cause a splash in Apex Legends when it arrives on November 2nd, but there’s plenty of other weapons and legends that could probably do with some tweaking first. Thankfully, John Larson, the balance designer at Respawn Entertainment, has revealed some of the most important changes coming in Season 11.

DualShockers were recently lucky enough to be invited to a special preview event for Season 11 of Apex Legends, during which a Q&A with the developers took place and details surrounding all of the upcoming balance changes were detailed, here’s what fans can expect.

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Apex Legends: Escape Launch Trailer

Apex Legends: Escape Launch Trailer

Wattson Legend Buff In Apex Legends Season 11

Fans have been begging Respawn for some time to buff Wattson, as her pick rate currently sits at a rather low 1.6%. When you compare this to Octane’s 14.5% pick rate, it’s clear something needs to be done to make Wattson a little more powerful.

Thankfully, Respawn has confirmed that Wattson will be receiving a much-needed buff at the beginning of Season 11. The nitty-gritty details of exact changes will be detailed in the official patch notes, but here’s what to expect.

Wattson’s main buff will be with her tactical electric fence ability, as the cooldown time will be cut in half and the placement range increased by 50%. John Larson claims that Wattson will have fences much more often and placing them will feel much more fluid and snappier. Plus, Larson states that her fences are now “much more punishing”, implying that the damage will also be increased.

Alongside her fence changes, Wattson’s ultimate ‘Interception Pylon’ ability will now also have a health pool similar to Lifeline’s drone, instead of simply being time-based. Larson said that “[Respawn] found the timer to be unnecessarily limiting. Players may have felt obligated to stay next to it for the full duration or were concerned about placing it at just the right moment”.

Plus, Wattson will no longer be able to place multiple interception pylons, but Larson said this isn’t something many players were doing anyway. Instead, her interception pylons will persist until a new one is placed.

Expect more specific details on the Wattson buff to arrive in the Season 11 patch notes.

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Weapon Nerfs In Apex Legends Season 11

Wattson won’t be the only one receiving a balance change when Season 11 comes around on November 2nd. During the recent preview event, Larson also revealed details on the EVA-8 and L-Star nerfs.

To begin Larson said, “[Respawn] have some promising stuff in the pipe, but we’ve never believed in making change just for the sake of it, or rushing out changes we aren’t confident in”.

It was then confirmed that the EVA-8 will be having its fire rate reverted to the pre-season 8 values, making it the weakest version of EVA-8 yet. The idea behind this is to make all shotguns more equally balanced and enticing.

As for the L-Star, the barrel effect will be decreased across the board, its damage nerfed from 18 to 17, as well as reducing the projectiles’ growth size over time.

There’s sure to plenty of other weapon changes and adjustments, so keep your eye out for the Season 11 patch notes with the full details.

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