Apex Legends Crossplay Won't Match Consoles to PC Lobbies If Your Squad Are Console Players

Is your squad all console players? You won't see PC players on the battlefield.

Apex Legends was revealed to be getting crossplay later this year after it was announced during EA Play 2020 last month. This would mean that players would be able to play with other players across various platforms. However, crossplay is something people still have concerns about, especially when it comes to PC and console players playing together. It seems as if console players won’t have to worry about playing with PC users.

Announced through…a TikTok video uploaded earlier this month from Respawn Entertainment developer Jake Smullin. Apparently, players will only be engaged in Apex Legends PC crossplay lobbies if they have a PC player on their team. So from what it sounds like if you end up in a squad of console players, chances are the other players in the match will be all exclusively console players.

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The worry consoles users generally tend to have with playing against PC users is the precision that comes with PC peripherals. Console players do however get to make use of aim-assists, but it’s still not as precise as a mouse, unless, like me, your mouse skills are a bit wobbly in the heat of Apex Legends battles.

Respawn Entertainment has recently introduced a new playable character called Loba to Apex Legends and has seen numerous updates and events arrive to the Battle Royale title. the most recent update has seen some changes, such and buffs and nerfs, to some of the legends. It’s currently available for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It was revealed that it’ll be heading to the Nintendo Switch later this year, and there are plans for it to soft launch on mobile devices as detailed in an earnings call from EA last year.


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