Apex Legends Disruptor Rounds - What Do They Do and Release Date

Here is all you need to know about Disruptor Rounds.

By Md Armughanuddin

July 26, 2021

Apex Legends is all set to get a number of changes in the upcoming Season 10 update. Starting off with a complete makeover of World’s Edge to the introduction of new weapons and legends, there is plenty to look forward to in the upcoming update which has been named Emergence by the developers.

The new legend has been quite notable of all the changes, as it quickly became popular the moment it was announced for the game. Seer has some unique abilities which allow it to easily track down enemies and could be quite useful for players who don’t want to go all out and berserk in combat encounters, but want to take a tactical approach instead.

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The map is getting some huge changes as well, as it now has a more post-apocalyptic theme with lava flowing all across the map. This gives the map an even better look, although it makes it look equally dangerous at the same time as well.

There are some other smaller changes as well, and one of them is the introduction, or rather un-vaulting, of Disruptor Rounds.

Apex Legends: Emergence Launch Trailer

Apex Legends: Emergence Launch Trailer

Apex Legends Disruptor Rounds – What are they and Release Date

In a brief rundown of the upcoming update, Respawn Entertainment mentioned that Prowler is leaving Care Packages and it will be replaced by Spitfire and Alternator. Fans were quite vigil in noticing that Alternators will be equipped with Disruptor Rounds as well.

This combination of Disruptor Rounds and Alternator has been quite popular and devastating back in Season 2, to the point that it was removed from the game. When Disruptor Rounds made its debut back in Season 2, it gave a damage multiplier of 1.55x to the Alternator, and 1.7x RE-45 Auto, when attacking shielded targets.

It will be quite interesting to see whether the developers have un-vaulted the Hop-Up as it is, or have some changes to it. As things stand, it seems like players can only use it with the Alternator in the upcoming season.

Disruptor Rounds will be arriving in the game when the Season 10 update drops, on August 3rd.

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