Apex Legends: Learn How to Use Gibraltar and Lifeline Together to Create a Mobile Shield

Apex Legends: Learn How to Use Gibraltar and Lifeline Together to Create a Mobile Shield

Combine Lifeline and Gibraltar's abilities together to create a movable, healing bubble shield for yourself in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends hasn’t even been out for two weeks but it’s already taken the world by storm. Since it is so early in the game’s life though, many are still learning more about how to best take advantage of the tools at your disposal in Apex Legends. As such, one player over on Reddit recently found a nifty little trick to best take advantage of Gibraltar’s shield.

In a video posted by u/IYBSaint, it shows how you can make Gibraltar’s shield move with you across the map as long as you’re playing with a Lifeline in your squad. To pull this maneuver off, you’ll first need Lifeline to throw down her healing robot with her standard ability. After doing this, if you’re playing as Gibraltar, you can throw down his portable shield device on to the top of Lifeline’s bot and it will deploy as normal. What’s rad though is that if you walk into the robot, it will move with you, meaning that the shield you deployed on top of it will also move along with you. It’s a great strategy to not only protect you from enemy fire, but also heal you up in the process.

This is likely a technique you’ll only ever want to try to pull off playing with friends, as I imagine it’d be hard to duplicate if you were playing with randoms. Still, it just goes to show how deep Apex Legends is and how much care Respawn put into the game’s design. If you haven’t heard already, Apex Legends is a game we really think highly of here at DualShockers, and it’s the little features like this that make the game stand out even more.

Check out the video attached below if you want to see this technique in action. Apex Legends is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Figured out how to walk Gibraltar shield! from r/apexlegends