Apex Legends Hit Highest Peak of Players on Steam Last Weekend

Apex Legends Hit Highest Peak of Players on Steam Last Weekend

Seems like last weekend was a good time to drop hot.

Apex Legends has been hugely popular ever since its release in 2019. The squad-based battle royale has had seven successful seasons and is gearing up for an eighth. Apex was only recently made available on Steam in November 2020 to kick off Season 7. As of Saturday, the game hit an all-time high of concurrent players on the platform.

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According to Steam Charts, an online application that helps collect and represent data on every Steam games’ player base, Apex Legends had a peak of 129,928 concurrent players on Saturday, January 30. This is the game’s highest record of players at once yet, but it seems like the record will be beaten again in the coming weeks. Apex has been growing more and more popular on the platform as time has gone on, and with the debut of Season 8 starting tomorrow, it’s likely that the numbers don’t stop here.

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Looking at Apex‘s player base over its entire lifecycle on Steam backs this up. It clearly had a dip in mid to late December, potentially caused by less free time as a result of the holiday season, but ever since the start of the new year players have flocked to it. In January of 2021 alone, the game has had an increase of 7,297 new players and that number is likely to rise once Season 8 finally drops tomorrow.

The new season of Apex Legends adds a new Legend, Fuse, to the mix along with a new weapon and a new map. You can check out Fuse’s abilities in this article about the latest gameplay trailer. Respawn Entertainment found itself in a controversy earlier this month over Fuse’s design. It seems as though much of his character design was lifted from an indie game, BulletVille, that EA had worked with previous to Fuse’s announcement. You can find that article right here.

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