Apex Legends New Character and Halloween Event Potentially Uncovered in Datamine

Apex Legends New Character and Halloween Event Potentially Uncovered in Datamine

Horizon might be heading to Apex Legends, and a Shadow Royale event might see players wall-running.

Apex Legends looks as if it might be getting another new Legend after the latest patch seems to have been datamined and information uncovered regarding a new set of challenges. And every Apex Legends player knows that titled challenges usually mean a new character.

@Biast12 shared a wealth of datamined information, the most noteworthy being a new character presumably called Horizon. The 3 videos shared features a sort of floating device that appears to be a camera. The first video just shows off the device, but the other 2 features the new character interacting with it, particularly the third video where we see them adjusting the lens and focusing on themselves.

Horizon has also been found to have an icon and a badge. In addition to the fact that the character’s device could be a camera, there’s also been a tablet found in the files which could mean that the video feed is transmitted to the tablet in a similar way to Crypto’s drone. While it’s not confirmation that Horizon, if that is even their name, is the next Legend to join the character roster, it certainly does look like they’ll be coming at some point.

In addition to the potential new legend, @Biast12 also uncovered information related to a new event, presumably for Halloween, or at least building up to and around it. Last year, a Halloween-themed event saw players fighting against other players who turned into shadow versions of themselves upon death. This year, it looks as if the event will be coming back. Pings for Shadows has been added to the code and it seems to have been called Shadow Royale.

There also looks to be “pets” being added to this mode, and Shadow abilities seem to include wall-running and double-jumping. Currently, double-jumps are only possible if you bounce off of Octane’s jump pad first.

There’s also some art for the Shadow Royale mode that’s been uncovered, which seems to feature some of the characters silhouettes in haunting looking gear. There are badges that are apparently already available in-game.

I for one am excited about the new character and am also excited to try out the new Shadow Royale mode seeing as the last Halloween event didn’t really do it for me. Of course, that’s depending on whether the information above is actually released any time soon.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One with Switch support on the way. The latest update has also finally introduced cross-play support.