Apex Legends - Is the Mastiff Getting a Nerf in Patch 8.1?

Mastiff Legends might not be too happy about this one...

Since the start of February, Apex Legends has gotten a handful of patches and updates to rebalance the game and fix bugs while simultaneously starting a new season. Season 8 saw the introduction of a new Legend, Fuse, as well as changes to the overall meta of the game. The upcoming 8.1 patch might make even more game-changing edits. While the Apex 8.1 patch notes haven’t been made public just yet, some of the devs took to Twitter to give us a sneak peek.

The two big pieces of information are surrounding the size of the patch and the meta surrounding the Mastiff shotgun. The director of community and communications at Respawn, Ryan K. Rigney, said in a tweet, “Apex 8.1 patch notes are >3,000 words, sorry in advance.” For those looking for a major overhaul of certain systems and playstyles, this comes as a welcome surprise.

For comparison, the patch notes for the Season 8 update were only just over 1,500 words as pointed out by a user in the comments. A patch double that size for 8.1 means some major changes might be underway. Devs have acknowledged certain fans’ wishes to keep the “Locked and Loaded” game mode as a permanent addition, but that doesn’t seem like it would be the only change made in the 8.1 patch notes.

The other half of what we know for the patch surrounds the Mastiff shotgun. Widely accepted as the best shotgun in the game and a little overpowered, fans have been calling for the weapon to be nerfed for a while.

Responding in a quote Tweet to Rigney’s initial statement about the word count, a fan asked for the gun to be nerfed. Josh Medina, a producer for Apex Legends responded like this:

While nothing is set and stone until we finally get our hands on the patch notes, it seems like the Mastiff might be getting some serious work done to it. It’s unclear what exactly those changes might be, but it seems like Respawn is finally taking action on something that fans have been requesting.

Peter Hunt Szpytek

Peter is from Chicago. He's played more JRPG's than he can count despite being not totally great at them and you can usually find him on the weekends dropping hot in Apex Legends. When not holding a controller, he's at the gym trying to get in shape for his next cosplay.

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