Two Apex Legends Characters Confirmed to be LGBTQ+

Two Apex Legends Characters Confirmed to be LGBTQ+

Two Apex Legends characters are confirmed to be non-binary, and gay/bisexual.

Apex Legends is only a few days old and it’s smashing the player count statistics, with the most recent count being today where we learned that 10 million people have played Respawn Entertainment’s new free-to-play Battle Royale. The game has sparked attention for various reasons, such as its Accessibility controls, the Ping system, how it plays, and now people are talking about the characters.

Specifically, people have discovered that two of the characters in Apex Legends are representing the LGBTQ+ community and there’s a lot of positive talks about the situation.

Firstly, Gibraltar, perhaps the most muscular male character available and standing tall with heavy body armor makes him an intimidating character on the battlefield. Over on the official EA website for Apex Legends, Gibraltar is described as being either gay or bisexual in one section of his character bio, “…he only began to understand the value of protecting others when he and his boyfriend stole his father’s motorcycle, took it on a joyride, and got trapped by a deadly mudslide.”

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As for the second character in Apex Legends, we turn out attention to Bloodhound, the mysterious technological tactician that doesn’t seem to have much known about them. According to an interview from Rock, Paper, Shotgun with Community Manager Jay Frechette, Bloodhound is, “non-binary, or at least non-specified, in terms of gender.”

The official page on EA also confirms that not much is known, “Their identity is a mystery wrapped in layers of rumors”. Blizzard are another who has recently revealed a character from Overwatch, Solider 76, is a gay character.

Twitter has been abuzz with support for the two characters in Apex Legends, but it hasn’t only been those two. People are praising the game for having a diverse cast of playable characters introducing the already mentioned gay or bisexual character, a non-binary character, and two black women.

The backstories also detail how emotionally powerful the female characters are and also the male characters, making the entire roster a diverse unification.

Apex Legends is available for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.