Apex Legends Adds a Limited Time Duos Mode Next Week

Apex Legends Adds a Limited Time Duos Mode Next Week

Starting November 5, it'll take two to tango in Apex Legends' new Duos mode.

Back in August, Respawn ran a very popular, limited-time Solo mode for their exceptional battle royale game Apex Legends. With the mode’s two-week run being so well-received, it’s no surprise that the team is trying their hand at another in-demand mode. Next week, Apex is adding Duos to the mix for another limited-time run. Check out the announcement below.

Unlike other battle royales, Apex Legends uses characters who each come with their own special powers. This makes balancing around modes like Solos and Duos a little more difficult than it is in something like PUBG or Fortnite. Obviously, the modes can still be done, but it’s nice to see Respawn taking their time. To me, this says that they’re doing what they can to keep the game balanced even when it’s moving into a mode that the game wasn’t designed around.

By keeping the modes limited time, it keeps them feeling special. Sure, it sucks for anyone who views Solo mode as the best way to play, but I would guess that most players are sticking to the three-person teams the game was designed around. Having a wackier feeling mode is fun for the short term, but if it was always around it might split the player base and hurt the game overall.

That said, not every mode has been as well-liked. I never actually booted it up, but it didn’t sound like the Halloween-themed Shadowfall mode did particularly well for Respawn. However, I like to see a company with a massive hit like Apex try out new things. So, I’ll give Respawn credit for that. Hopefully, Duos is more like Solos than it is Shadowfall.

Apex Legends is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Download it before November 5 when Duos mode comes to the game.