Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collections Event is Now Live

Octane and Lifeline get buffed.

During EA Play 2020, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends appeared with details that the game would be heading to the Nintendo Switch later this year. In addition, a trailer teased a Lost Treasures Collection Event which has now gone live across all platforms. The event brings some buffs and nerfs to a couple of characters, and the event changes the playstyle up with a limited-time mode.

Recently, the game has seen a new Legend arrive in the game called Loba, who is essentially a thief with a love for shiny things. As a result, it’s fitting that the new event is centered around treasure. The patch notes for the new changes can be found here.

The limited-time mode is ‘Armed & Dangerous’ and finds players dropping in with a Mozambique and Evo armor set to the first level. There’s no other armor around the map so players will need to damage other players to increase their armor to the highest level. In addition, the respawn beacons that are usually scattered around the world have been turned off, instead players now have a mobile respawn beacon which takes up 1 inventory slot and you can loot them from other fallen players.

There’s also a town-takeover, this time seeing Crypto’s Map Room added to the Kings Canyon map. This area allows Crypto to see the location of all players across the whole map. Mirage also gets some sort of a trophy to play around with in the form of an heirloom.

Lifeline and Octane are two legends who have seen significant buffs through Apex Legends’ Lost Treasures Collection event. Usually, Lifeline was able to heal and respawn fairly quickly, however this passive ability has been replaced now with a “Combat Revive” ability. What this means is that Lifeline can now deploy her health drone near fallen teammates and they can use the drone to and the drone’s new shield to revive themselves back onto their feet.

So while Lifeline is free to revive another player or defend whoever may be reviving themselves, her tactical ability has also seen as cooldown reduction. The cooldown was 60 seconds, but now it’s been reduced to 45 seconds. As for the ultimate ability which is the care package, it’ll now contain more items than it used to.

Octane is another with some impressive improvements. When injecting himself with the stim, players will find the sprinting speed has been increased by 10% and all movement impairing effects will be removed. For example, Caustic’s toxic clouds, or Revenant’s tactical ability. Octane’s ultimate ability, the jump pad, has also been improved, allowing players to now double jump after using the pad, and the ability to change directions is easier now.

Other legends have had changes which are all detailed in the patch notes, such as Revenant now being able to stop Pathfinder mid-air when using the tactical ability, Mirage can now control his decoys through holding the tactical button, Gibraltar now gets fast healing ability within the dome shield, and more.

Other changes to the game find players getting cooldowns when using ziplines with that cooldown increasing with each time the player disconnects and reconnects without touching the ground.  There’s also some quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Apex Legends is available to play for free on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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