Apex Legends Mobile Reportedly Working On 90 & 120 FPS Support

Mobile devices may soon be able to play Apex Legends at 90 and 120 FPS

July 2, 2022

According to leaked files from Apex Legends Mobile, supported iOS and Android devices may soon be receiving 90 and 120 FPS via a future update.

Apex Legends Mobile launched around the world back in May, finally bringing one of the biggest Battle Royale titles to mobile. Even though Apex Legends Mobile may look nearly identical to its console and PC counterpart, the two are completely separate entities. But, one thing the two versions have in common, neither supports up to 120 frames per second.

90 & 120 FPS Support Could Be Coming To Apex Legends Mobile

After months and months of rumors, Respawn Entertainment finally launched a next-gen version of Apex Legends back in March of this year. Unfortunately, players were left extremely disappointed when they learned that the updates did not feature 120Hz support on both the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.


However, Respawn did state that support would be coming in a future update, along with visual and audio improvements for both consoles. Since the announcement, the developers have been radio silent on when these improvements would actually be arriving.

But it seems to be good news for Apex Legends Mobile players, as data miner and leaker ThatOneGamingBot discovered in-game files to suggest that 90 and 120fps support is in the works.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know exactly when the improvements will arrive. The update could still be some time away, but it looks as though certain devices will soon be eligible to run the game at a much smoother frame rate. Of course, you’ll need to own a mobile device that actually supports games at more than 60Hz.

Make sure to also take this news with a grain of salt, as in-game files don’t always mean that updates are set in stone.

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