Apex Legends is Planned to Come to Mobile, According to EA

Apex Legends is Planned to Come to Mobile, According to EA

Apex Legends has already proven to be a big hit for EA and Respawn this year, with a mobile version in the pipeline and more.

When it comes to the big successes (so far) of 2019, Apex Legends is definitely near the top of this year’s breakout hits. The game, which was developed by Titanfall‘s Respawn Entertainment, quickly became a hit out of the gate, and EA is looking to expand more on the free-to-play success of Apex Legends.

During its latest earnings call for its fourth quarter results, EA shared some insight into the success of Apex Legends since it launched earlier this year. Specifically, the company detailed that it is now officially EA’s “fastest-growing new game” ever, with Apex Legends having reached over 50 million players around two months ago.


Specifically, one of the biggest insights revealed in the call was that EA is in “advanced negotiations” to bring the title to new regions and platforms, which includes mobile versions of the game and bringing it to China and Korea.

Outside of the planned mobile versions of the game on the horizon, EA also stated that Apex Legends has brought in an impressive number of new users to EA and its Origin platform, with “nearly 30%” of players being new to the company’s audience.

As a result, this growth has spurred EA and developer Respawn Entertainment to continue adding on to the game through new seasons and other features, including “more robust Battle Pass content,” new Legends for players to use in-game, and other “exciting evolutions.” Meanwhile, the first details on the game’s second season are expected to be revealed at the upcoming EA Play during E3 2019 next month.

Apex Legends is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.