Gamer Plays Apex Legends Using a Modded Spider-Man Web Shooter to Grapple

Gamer Plays Apex Legends Using a Modded Spider-Man Web Shooter to Grapple

A gamer who loves to mod all manner of weird and wonderful items to then play games with them has concocted a Spider-Man web-shooter toy into a fully working Pathfinder grappling hook which is used in Apex Legends

Have you ever thought about using a variety of modded objects, just for the fun of it, to use on some of your favorite games? No, me neither but one gamer certainly has. In fact, he has even used a bunch of modded bananas to play Dark Souls 3, a Dance Pad to beat NieR Automata, and a self-made Keyblade controller to play Kingdom Hearts 3 with – this guy is just super creative and I love it.

ATwerkinYoshi, as he is known as on YouTube and Twitter, has probably now topped all of the other devices he previously made – this time coming in with a modded Spider-Man web shooter that he uses when playing Pathfinder in the online popular battle royale, Apex Legends. ATwerkinYoshi had posted on his Twitter a few days ago that he purchased the Spider-man into the Spiderverse web-slinger toy and then has proceeded to customize it.


What he has then done is wire up the Spider-Man web-shooter and then programmed it so when the top of the can is pushed down, it automatically throws out Pathfinders grappling hook. With this modded “glove”, he can also change the direction of where Pathfinder is looking. Other controls like going forward, backward, and shooting are managed by the typical WASD keys.

ATwerkinYoshi has put a lot of time into making weird controllers for over a year now, finally dedicating his own website called Controller Bending with tutorials, how-to’s and controller designs for many types of games and has hopes of making it the best controller modding site for generations to come.

Currently, he is excitedly working on a second glove so that he can play Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 – which in my opinion, is what I really want to see! I think this type of modded Spider-Man web shooter is made for this game, even though it looks incredible in Apex Legends, I’m mostly looking forward to seeing how he pulls off the tricky web swinging around the buildings of New York. I’ll be definitely keeping an eye on this for further updates.

To check out all of ATwerkinYoshi shenanigans and past modded items, head over to his YouTube channel and also, check out the modded Spiderman web-shooter in all its glory in the video below:

I modded a Spiderman Web-shooter Toy to play Pathfinder in Apex Legends from r/gaming