Apex Legends Teases Arrival of a New Legend for Season 5

Could Loba be arriving in Season 5?

Another new character seems to be on the way as Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends heads towards its next season that’s due to start next month. The character assumed to be arriving ties in heavily with the previous Assimilation update and the community already thinks they know who it is.

The official Apex Legends Twitter account yesterday posted an image of a computer screen with sticky notes surrounding it. The sticky notes indicate that the upcoming character is learning about a specific “immortal murder robot” character. Now, this isn’t about Pathfinder as much as you probably want it to be, it’s about Revenant.

Back when Season 4 started, we were introduced to Revenant, an assassin who was turned into a killing machine by Hammond Industries, and during the character trailer, we witness Revenant break into a building to assassinate Marcos Andrade. Prior to the assassination, Marcos gifts his daughter a figurine of a wolf, and as his daughter watches Revenant murder everyone, including her father, the trailer ends with her looking up at the camera in a foreshadowing manner.

Loba, Spanish for Wolf, appears to be the next character arriving in the free-to-play Battle Royale, at least that’s what the community and the clues are heavily leaning toward. It would make sense considering the sticky notes indicate the character is looking into who Revenant is and looks to be seeking a way to stop him. The last line of the Hammond Industries chat log shown on the monitor in the above tweet also references the Battle Royale setting, “Shame you don’t know any murder competitions to hide your murder robot in…”

One user appears to apparently have a fully rendered model of Loba, which if you want to go and have a nosey you can click the link to head to Twitter. I’m certainly excited to see what the next character is and what their skills are. I’ve been grinding and saving up those Apex Legends points ready to purchase from day 1!

Season 4 is currently in its final stint and the game is currently running a body armor event. Season 5 will be landing on May 12. Apex Legends is available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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