Apex Legends - New Legend Valkyrie is Gay According to Respawn

Apex is known for its diverse roster of characters, now they're adding another.

April 30, 2021

Valkyrie’s backstory has been one of the most exciting parts about her upcoming addition to Apex Legends, and today we learned another piece of her identity: Valkyrie is gay.

It seems pretty clear that Respawn Entertainment is committed to inclusion and diversity in Apex Legends. With characters of all races, sexualities, and gender identities, the game’s roster is one of the most diverse in the industry to date.

In an interview with MoonLiteWolf, Valkyrie voice actress Erika Ishii and Apex Legends senior writer Tom Casiello revealed that Kairi Imahara, code name Valkyrie, is a lesbian.

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Who is Valkyrie?

Speaking on the expected positive fan reaction to Valk’s orientation, Ishii said that, “Respawn put out the energy that they wanted to get back. They launched with such an incredibly diverse roster,” she continues, “and by cultivating that kind of community and drawing a hard line saying, ‘this is what we want in our community,’ that’s what you get.”

Casiello continued with the sentiment saying, “I kind of love that she owns her sexuality outright and isn’t ashamed of it.” Going on to speak about the initial reaction to the game’s diversity, he said, “if you have a problem with the fact that we’re launching with two black women, if you have a problem with the fact that we have a non-binary character, we don’t want you playing our game. ‘Goodbye.'”

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