Apex Legends’ New Weapon Teased Through In-game Voice Lines

Apex Legends’ New Weapon Teased Through In-game Voice Lines

A week after launch, Apex Legends has already (accidentally) revealed the name of its next weapon after the Valentine's Day patch update.

Apex Legends surpassed 25 million players earlier this week after a stealth launch last Tuesday. Despite having just released, a new weapon has already been teased in-game after the latest patch.

It’s called the Havoc.

Respawn Entertainment released patch notes for today, February 13, that involved the addition of some new Valentine’s Day cosmetic items, as well as some quality of life updates and bug and UI fixes. In this new patch, Bangalore, one of the game’s most-played legends has a brand new voice line when interacting with loot on the ground.

The game features a contextual ping system which allows, among other things, for players to call out loot when it’s on the ground. This feature is important because the game only allows for play in squads of three, and you’ll always want your squad to have the best loot they can.

One of the game’s guns currently has a “Hop-Up” modification called “Select Fire.” This mod gives the gun a fully-automatic firing mode, in addition to its native five-shot-burst mode.

However, when Bangalore pings the “Select Fire” mod on the ground, her character notifies players that the modification is compatible with the Prower and the unannounced Havoc.

It’s unclear what kind of weapon the Havoc is going to be as it did not appear in Titanfall or Titanfall 2 as much of the game’s current armory has. If we take a look at how many guns are for each class, we can perhaps glean what time of gun it will be.

Apex Legends currently has three assault rifles, three sub-machine guns, four sniper rifles, three pistols, four shotguns, and notably, only two light machine guns. It’s possible that the Havoc may be a light machine gun, similar to the Prowler, that only has a burst-fire mode upon pickup. The select fire mod may even allow for the reverse, giving a fully-automatic gun a burst-fire option.

We’ll have to wait until the gun actually releases of course, but it may be revealed as we head into March when the game’s first season pass will premiere.

Until then you can read our review of Apex Legends, a game we determined to be a “masterpiece” of its genre with a score of 10/10. The game is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC for free.

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