Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Edition to Get an Announcement Today, Game Director Confirms

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Edition to Get an Announcement Today, Game Director Confirms

The rumors around the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends are getting stronger day after day.

It’s been a while since we have been getting various unofficial clues on the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends, but yesterday, the director behind the game officially confirmed that an announcement would be happening today. So, it seems the hype is real now.

When asked whether a Nintendo Switch related news from Apex Legends would be shared on February 2, the game director Chad Grenier answered positively. So, this is probably going to be last time we are talking about Apex LegendsSwitch edition as the official announcement will likely happen today.

When it officially launched earlier in 2019, Apex Legends set a new record for the number of players in a Battle Royale game in the first month of release by surpassing 50 million players. Although the growth of the community didn’t keep up that incredible pace, with Respawn’s seasonal content support after launch, Apex still has a huge number of active players and EA probably considers to make it available on more platforms by launching the game on Nintendo Switch.

Since its acquisition by Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment has been divided into multiple teams, working on various projects. While the main team developed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and is now reportedly working on another triple-A title that might have been tied to the Star Wars franchise again, a smaller team is supporting Apex, with a third team working on brave new ideas such as the recently released Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, EA’s very first VR-exclusive experience.

Apex Legends is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC through Origin and Steam.

If anything official comes out about the Switch version of Apex Legends today, you will find it on DualShockers right after. So, make sure to follow us along the day.