Apex Legends: Watch in Awe as One-Armed Marine Corps Veteran Gets His First ‘W’ Live on Stream

Apex Legends: Watch in Awe as One-Armed Marine Corps Veteran Gets His First ‘W’ Live on Stream

Check out this one-armed gamer getting his first win in Respawn's Apex Legends.

Apex Legends has been on absolute fire since its surprise announcement and launch on February 4. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, most recently known for their work on Titanfall 2, Apex Legends is a refreshing take on the ‘battle royale’ genre that has dominated the online shooter space mostly due to the runaway hit Fortnite. Naturally, video game streamers are turning their attention to the latest (and arguably hottest) title of the moment, joining in the excitement as millions of players chase their first win, in the teamwork and ability focused shooter.

Social media is lighting up with plenty of action as players throughout the world are capturing their wildest gameplay in Apex Legends. But the following moment, from Twitch streamer Tony “toeyouup” Vaitkevich (which is an amazing play on words, mind you) is just incredible.

Tony is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, who due to a motorcycle accident, lost his left arm at the age of 24. Tony plays using primarily his right arm and hand with his fingers reaching across the controller and analog sticks. Tony adds support from the toes on his left foot. And then he, well… toes you up.

Yes, you just watched that. The best part about it: Tony wasn’t just “playing on the winning team” but instead he played an integral part of the actual win. In the game’s final moments, he finds himself as the last man standing. He takes down one of the remaining players on an opposing squad, revives both of his teammates, and then takes down the final enemy to secure the win.

Getting a win in Apex Legends is hard as it is. Trust me, I’ve come oh so close in my dozen or so hours of playing. But watching Tony “toeyouup” Vaitkevich come through clutch like this is nothing short of inspiring.

Apex Legends is currently available as a free to play title on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through EA Origins.

(Thanks Dharyl!)