Apex Legends Receives ESRB Rating For the Switch

Apex Legends Receives ESRB Rating For the Switch

The Switch port of Apex Legends seems close.

Ever since it was announced back in June, there has been very little information or news surrounding the Apex Legends Switch port. As of today, the ESRB has given the Switch version of the game a ‘T’ rating in line with its Xbox, Playstation, and PC counterparts for “blood and violence.”

This news is noteworthy because Apex is wrapping up its sixth season. The start of season seven would be the perfect time to launch the Switch edition of the game and take crossplay out of beta to fully implement it into the rest of the game.

In a video posted to the official Apex Legends YouTube account this morning, developer Respawn Entertainment show off the “Champion Edition” of the game. In this deluxe edition, players will receive seven exclusive legendary skins, including three character skins, three gun skins, and a gun charm, 1,000 Apex coins, and all nine characters including the unannounced season seven legend.

As it stands currently, it’s still unclear when exactly the Switch port of Apex Legends will be coming. All we know is that the initial announcement said “Fall 2020” and that an official ESRB rating means that the release is definitely coming soon.

With the crossplay beta having started earlier this month, it seems like Respawn and EA are gearing up for the release and testing servers. While there is no set end date for the beta, it’s likely that it will be fully realized by the time the Switch port releases later this fall. The exact meaning of crossplay, however, is still unclear when it comes to the Switch and if they will be put in the same contest pool as other systems.

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