Apex Legends Releases Legacy Pack With New Valkyrie Skin

EA to Valkyrie fans: "I'm gonna make them an offer they cannot refuse."

By Soham Rane

May 13, 2021

We’ve got a new Legacy pack launched for Apex Legends featuring a new skin for the new Legend, Valkyrie!

EA launched a new Legend into the Apex Legends universe on May 4th named Valkyrie. She’s quite the storm in-game and so are her skin bundles.

As a result, in tradition with the fantasy battle royale, we are greeted with a new Starter Pack for the new season featuring a new skin for the new Legend.

Digest all the “new’s” and how to buy the new Legends Pack in Apex Legends right here.

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Meet Valkyrie – Apex Legends Character Trailer

Meet Valkyrie – Apex Legends Character Trailer

How to buy Apex Legends Legacy Pack – Price and Release Date

The new Legacy Pack in Apex Legends features the new Valkyrie skin (obviously) along with 600 Apex coins

Remember that the Legends Pack costs $4.99. Follow these steps to buy the new Apex Legends Legacy Pack on Origin to get the new Valkyrie skin:

  • Log into Origin
  • Go to ‘Store’ at the left-side menu and select the ‘Browse Games’ option underneath it
  • Go to ‘Apex Legends‘ and select ‘Downloadable Content’
  • You’ll find the ‘Apex Legends – Legacy Pack’ on your screen
  • You can download it and it will be available in your inventory once you play it

For the other platforms where the pack is available i.e Microsoft Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, and Switch, follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Apex Legends‘ in your store
  • Go to the ‘Add ons’ menu
  • Select or search for ‘Apex Legends – Legacy Pack’
  • Download it and it will be available in your inventory…and you know what to do next

If you are looking to buy from your browser, click on the links below for the new Legacy Pack according to your platform:

What Is The New Valkyrie Skin in Apex Legends?

The new Valkyrie skin in Apex Legends is called the Turquoise Sun Valkyrie skin because, well, the skin is Turquoise in colour.

Her wing-blades now have a cool jaded quality to it in addition to heavy armour at the front. Overall, the new Valkyrie skin in Apex Legends certainly looks a “shade cooler” than the previous Birthright skin about which you can read all you want here.

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