Apex Legends Removing Tap Strafing in Next Update - What is it?

Respawn Entertainment is making a significant change in the next update.

By Md Armughanuddin

August 31, 2021

Respawn Entertainment has announced that the next Apex Legends will be making an interesting change to the game which could significantly change the game’s meta.

A few weeks ago, the Season 10 update went live in the game adding a plethora of new content. Quite notable of all was the addition of Seer, the latest Legend to join the expanding list of characters in the game. However, it seemed like the character was quite unbalanced at launch, and players using it could easily gain an upper hand over others.

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A subsequent patch was released afterward, nerfing Seer’s passive and her flashbang ability. A very minor update also went live yesterday, which was aimed towards some bug fixes and performance improvements.

Apex Legends: Emergence Battle Pass Trailer

Apex Legends: Emergence Battle Pass Trailer

Apex Legends Removing Tap Strafing in Next Patch Update 10.1

The official Twitter handle of Respawn Entertainment today announced that it is gearing up to launch another Apex Legends update in the upcoming days. It states that tap strafing will be removed from the game in the next update, Patch 10.1.

What is tap strafing?

For those who are unaware, tap strafing is an excellent way to make good use of the game’s traversal mechanics. By using tap strafing, players can make sharper turns easily and much faster. It is one of the techniques high-leveled players use quite frequently.

While most casual players might not be affected by this, it could have a significant impact on the game’s meta at the professional level considering how frequently it is used.

Fans Unhappy with the Change

It should be noted that change will be affecting PC players only since it’s not possible to do this on consoles. Fans are quite unhappy with the change, with many demanding aim assist to also be nerfed along with this.

It will be interesting to see how the game’s meta changes once this patch goes live. For PC players, it will be quite a big change, to say the least.

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