Reddit Users Are Rallying For Respawn to Address Cheaters Faster in Apex Legends

With the growing popularity of Apex Legends, the amount of cheaters in the game has continued to grow as well.

By Grant Huff

March 9, 2019

We have seen the last few years the rapid growth of cheating in battle royal games. PUBG during its peak was filled to the brim with cheaters using aimbots that ruined the fun for many players. Now, many Reddit users are expressing their feelings over the cheaters in Apex Legends.

The Reddit user u/My_watch_is_ended posted yesterday stating “Apex needs to address cheating issue faster. Asian server is filled by Chinese cheaters.” The user then went on stating that PUBG was too late to region lock china, saying most players had moved on already. The comment section was filled with other users and their stories dealing with the cheating issue.

The user u/Gonnagofarkidtr stated that almost every solo/duo lobby that they played in this week had an aimbot in it. They even posted a video for some evidence. Another user even commented to them stating that they were killed by the same cheater about a week ago and they reported the cheater to EA via email.

Respawn has followed up with some updates on the cheating issue. Respawn’s community manager posted on r/ApexLegends that they have banned over 355K players specifically on PC via Easy-Anti-Cheat. They go on to state that they are working on improvements to combat cheaters but will be a bit secretive about their plans. Cheaters can be crafty and could possibly anticipate some moves Respawn might make if they were more open about their plans. Though they did state some higher level plans they are working on such as working directly with experts both inside EA and outside, scaling up the anti-cheat team, and adding a report feature on PC.

Apex Legends is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One for free. If you are still a bit wary about jumping into the game, make sure to give DualShockers’ review a read.

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