Apex Legends Introduces Rampart With Season 6 Launching August 18

Apex Legends Introduces Rampart With Season 6 Launching August 18

Apex Legends sixth season kicks off on August 18. It brings a new legend, crafting system, and much more.

Apex Legends is set to enter its sixth season later this month. As ever, that means new a legend for players to try out. This go-around, its the “expert modder” Rampart who murders opponents just as well as she chews bubble gum. Alongside her, players will have a brand new way to progress during each match via the new crafting system. Give the latest trailer a watch below.

Currently, we don’t know too much about how Rampart will fit into Apex Legends. Presumably, her full list of abilities will be revealed in the coming days. However, for now, all we know is she calls her gun Sheila and she knows how to use it.

It’s not just Rampart we’ll learn more about as we near the August 18 release day. Coming with Season 6 is also a brand new, 100-item battle pass and a hot-off-the-presses crafting system. The latter seems to be a new way to get the gear you want during a round. The official description says you’ll “collect materials around the map and build” better gear. We’ll have to wait for them to officially confirm it, but that sounds like you can now craft the guns you want in the middle of a match.

The final big thing to note about Season 6 is the new weapon. The Volt seems to be an electrically-charged SMG. I’m interested to see it in action over the coming days. It doesn’t look like a complete game-changer, but it could be fun.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Season 6 season, called Boosted, drops on August 18. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more details on Rampart, the crafting system, and the new gun as we near release.