Apex Legends Season 8 Patch Notes Detailed Ahead of Launch

Apex Legends Season 8 Patch Notes Detailed Ahead of Launch

Pingable ammo, colour blind fixes, weapon rotations, and more will be available in the game later today.

Apex Legends is launching into its new update later today, marking the game’s eighth season since it’s launch in 2019. While we already know a fair bulk of the major changes, such as the arrival of the new Legend Fuse, and the changes to Kings Canyon, the latest patch notes ahead of the updates launch detail more minor changes.

On the official page, it’s noted that Apex Legends will be getting some quality of life updates. A new damage counter has been added to the game’s HUD, which is useful for those who partake in the challenges available to complete throughout the season. Apex Legends will also see an update to its colour blind settings, with healing and reviving now following “colour blind rules” when any of the settings are enabled.

You’ll also be able to ping ammo directly from your inventory, which will not only display your current ammo to the squad but also throw up a “player wants ammo” in the quick chat. Additionally, the game has a mixture of skins that are just for fun or some that have a backstory that’s never fully explained. Now, skins that are canon will come with a backstory for those who enjoy delving into lore.

The Legends have been given some updates as well. Wraith’s hitboxes have been adjusted, Rampart’s minigun can now rotate 180 instead of 120 degrees, and her defensive wall when they are first placed will have a health point of 45hp instead of 1hp. Horizon finds her cooldown for the Gravity Lift skill increasing from 21 seconds to 25 seconds, and Octane’s jump-pad has been tweaked to launch players depending on how they launch off from it.

Other Legends have had tweaks, including; Crypto, Loba, Caustic, and Mirage. Alongside the Legends, weapons have also been given adjustments, as well as some fully kitted weapons being removed and replaced with other fully kitted out weapons. The gold barrel appears to have been removed from the loot pool as well.  On top of all of the above, some bug fixes make their way to the game when the Mayhem update becomes available later today.

Apex Legends is available for free on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and a Nintendo Switch version is rumoured to become available today.